Evil Queen

Evil Queen Disney World

The Evil Queen is the original Disney villain. She is prominently featured in shows from Fantasmic to all of the Halloween shows and yet has become harder and harder to meet in the parks.

Despite being from their debut feature Disney has not created an organized meet and greet with her anywhere in the U.S. Disney parks.

Evil Queen and Snow White Disneyland

At Disneyland, she often is roaming Fantasyland. This can be either announced or as a surprise addition in the middle of the day. She can even wander with her enemy Snow White with the two teasing each other.

At Disney World, it is a bit more difficult to find the Evil Queen. You might have some luck at Halloween but beyond that, your only chance is a surprise appearance at the entrance of Disney Hollywood Studios.

Evil Queen Sunset Showcase

This is your only chance, and it is really just luck of the draw if you will run into her there.

Evil Queen with Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Where To Find

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Former Parks

Magic Kingdom


Disney Evil Queen Autograph Snow White

Special Outfits

Extremely rarely, normally only at special events, you can find the Evil Queen in her Old Hag outfit.

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