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Honest John is one of the early Disney characters. He is a minor villain in Pinocchio and could actually be considered the first Disney villain to sing a song.

Pinocchio side characters used to be huge in the Disney Parks, but in the last decade, they have largely been replaced by modern characters.

They still can be found randomly wandering Fantasyland unannounced at Disneyland, often with Gideon, his partner in crime.

At Disney World, he is difficult to find, but not impossible.

In Epcot he can be found unannounced anywhere in the World Showcase there is a large gate to the backstage (former Millenium Village or American Adventure) with other random Disney characters.

He is also one of the possible surprise characters at the Magic Kingdom. If it is him he will be announced that day through the My Disney Experience app and meet troughout the morning and early afternoon in the town square section of Main Street USA.

Where To Find

Magic Kingdom (About weekly)
Epcot (Rare)

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